As harmattan bites harder, Kaduna Tea, 'Akara' sellers make huge profit

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11 Jan 2022 3:40 PM GMT
As harmattan bites harder, Kaduna Tea, Akara sellers make huge profit
I used to have at least 20 to 30 customers daily but since the harmattan, we attend to over 50 customers daily, Gambo revealed.

Tea sellers and 'akara'(bean cake) and pap vendors are making brisk business in Kaduna and environs as the harmattan cold bites harder in the city, Supreme reports.

Supreme checks in the city found that the residents rush for hot tea, chocolate beverages, noodles and "akara" in order to alleviate the effects of the inclement weather.

Some of the vendors who spoke to correspondent disclosed that the increased patronage accounted for the additional profits they made.

Mr Nasir Kabir, a tea vendor on the Bida road, said said the high demand hot tea started at the inception of the harmattan since the first week of December 2021.

"Most of my customers are commercial bus and motorcycle operators, labourers and students troop to his stand as early as 6:30 a.m to keep themselves warm.

"The demand has doubled in the last one week and sincerely, I am making huge gains from my business," he said.

Also, Mr Isah Gambo another tea vendor at Sokoto Street disclosed that he had to engage two persons to assist him in order to serve the customers who troop to his stand daily.

"While I focus on preparing the noodles, one of my workers prepares the tea while the other one does the dishes.

"I used to have at least 20 to 30 customers daily but since the harmattan, we attend to over 50 customers daily," Gambo revealed.

He further disclosed that a cup of tea is between N50 to N100 while a plate of noddles was sold between N100 to N250 depending on customer's preference.

Another vendor, Najib Saleh on the Marafa road, said most of his customers are mostly students of the Kaduna State University.

"Usually, during the harmattan, customers most of whom are students come here in the morning to have breakfast before resuming for lectures.

"Others still patronise me in the evenings when the cold intensifies. With this business, I am able to provide for my family," Saleh added.

Mr Musa Anche, a commercial tricyclist, said that he usually leaves his home as early as 6am to the tea spot before he begins his daily routine.

"As a bachelor, I patronise the tea vendors because of the cold weather," he said.

Mr Abdullahi Mujtapha, a motorcycle operator on his part said the nature of his operation exposes him to cold.

"I patronise the tea and noddles vendors to keep himself warm. This weather is very cold, the jacket, head warmer and gloves I wear is not enough to keep me warm," Mujtapha said.

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