Technology Moves -Reactions to the New iPhone 13

26 Feb 2021 10:01 AM GMT
Technology Moves -Reactions to the New iPhone 13

In a 2002 Macworld Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs, the former Head of Apple Company, introduced a smart into the company which is called, “iPhone” iPhone is a smart phone but what is special about it, is the smooth manner in which it combines cellular phones, iPod, digital camera and computer functions to serve […]

In a 2002 Macworld Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs, the former Head of Apple Company, introduced a smart into the company which is called, “iPhone” iPhone is a smart phone but what is special about it, is the smooth manner in which it combines cellular phones, iPod, digital camera and computer functions to serve its users. The operating system iPhone runs on is IOS and has over two million apps running.

In the first quarter of the market after release, Apple sold over 13 million of the device. The first-generation iPhone was extremely thin (only 11.6 mm thick) but wider and longer than many comparable devices. Like iPod, the iPhone synchronized data with a user’s personal computer via a USB port, using Apple iTunes as client software.

iPhone 3

Introduced in 2008 and iPhone 3Gs, in 2009.

Connects to cellular networks powered by technologies such as Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) and High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDMPA). It was available in 8 GB and 16 GB models.

Has copy-and-paste functionality and the Find My Phone app. In addition, an expanded SDK enabled developers to build in-app purchases, push notifications and navigation capabilities into their third-party apps.

Price Range :35,000.00

iPhone 4

Introduced in 2010 with the biggest overhaul and design. Extremely thin, comes in 0.37 inches.

The choice of material has a quality feel, the glass, the back are all very reflective.

It provides a lot of pixels.

High resolution screen.

Texts are quite eligible and very easy to read.

Has a front facing camera.

The volume buttons are separated.

The IOS is completely refreshed as a new one.

Quality keyboards.

Increased quality of video and voice.

Price Range :46,000.00

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 was launched in 2012 and has a message app with iMessage.

Has a Google calendar.

A photo viewer to view all your cool photos that enables zooming by sliding and you can delete a photo quickly by tapping a trash can icon by the right. Enables sharing and editing of photos.

A 3D map with locations designs.

A weather app for various cities.

A passbook application where you can download and use apps.

A timer application.

Stocks application with news about stock exchange at the bottom.

A newsstand application where you can buy magazines and read.

iTune music application is well optimized with audiobooks and ringtones, downloads, songs chart. You can search for movies, songs and shows by swiping at the top.

Simply interfaced with very high resolution.

A direct link to Apple’s website.

Price Range :54,000.00

iPhone 6

Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Sept. 19, 2014. It marked the first time that one iPhone model was available in two different sizes.

Apple iPhone 6 has new features that outsmart, first with a decent camera upgrade to 13mega pixels for sharp focus and the biggest screen. 4.8 HD screen 1334 x 760 resolution, thinner with a quality seamless design.

Has Apple IPO address 128G memory, LTE 4G connection.

An inbuilt home button. This was meant to be implemented in iPhone 5 but failed.

A wireless connection and a photo contrast.

One handed use because Apple introduced what is called reachability, it moves half top of the upper screen to the bottom, making anything that will be difficult to reach, reachable with a simple double-tap of the home button.

A barometer application, can track how many steps you’ve taken and calculates with accuracy, how many calories you’ve burnt in a day.

Has 25% faster CPU for maximum speed and the A8 processor is more efficient. Three times faster Wireless Fidelity.

A greater amount of battery life.

Price Range :76,000.00

iPhone 7

Launched in 2016, boasted Apple’s first water and dust-resistant casing. The devices, which came in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB versions, also featured two 12-megapixel cameras and Apple’s new four-core A10 Fusion processor.

It has a refreshed design of jet black colour and glassy feeling.

A new home button that does not physically click in with a wider range of frequencies.

625 NITS brighter display to deliver cinema standard colours.

60% faster camera front and back cameras. Has optical image stabilization. Two lenses for depth of field effects.

LTE advanced, supporting up to 24LTE bands, three times faster than iPhone 6.

256G loudering space available for new apps and games.

Battery lasts two hours longer than its predecessors.

Dual stereo speakers, one at the bottom and the other at the top, by the ear piece.

Price Range :120,000.00

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is a late 2017 device with aluminum-and-glass design with the most durable glass back.

It is designed on a faster in-house GPU, 25% louder speaker.

It has consistent colour processing and a better reading experience.

You can take more photos with iPhone 8 than you can with iPhone 7 at the same time with a properly exposed background.

It has one of the best video cameras.

Price Range : 150,000.00

iPhone X

Apple also released the iPhone X at the same time as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The iPhone X eliminated the physical home button that was present on every preceding iPhone model, giving the device a touchscreen-only interface.

Also has an all-glass design and 5.8-inch display, making it the largest iPhone in history. The device also marked the debut of Face ID, a new way of authenticating user access through facial recognition technology.

Price Range :190,000.00

iPhone 9

iPhone 9 is almost same size with the iPhone 7 but with wider screen. It is also called iPhone SE 2 with a lower price compared to others.

It has an integrated touch ID below the display that raises waves and each fingerprint creates unique reflections allowing the authentication of the user.

A dual camera that captures so much more even details that can’t be easily seen because of the sharp focus.

The improved slow motion capture that allows shooting up to 960 frame per second. The dual camera also gives a better wide angle shot of the picture.

Price Range :390,000.00

iPhone 10

iPhone 10 was also launched in 2017, it is embodied with a new all screen design, 5.8 inch super retina, OLED display is water and dust resistant.

It comes with a face ID authentication, uses a dot projector for face mapping which is more secure than touch ID.

A more quality front and back camera. The updated cameras work with Apple portrait and augmented reality technology.

Animojis are the next introduced. The front camera captures your facial movement to animate a dozen different animal emojis.

A11 bionic chip, a six-core CPU that gives 30% faster graphics performance than other iPhones.

Another huge feature is wireless charging. It works with Apple’s charging docks based on QI wireless technology.

Price Range : 405,00.0

iPhone 11

This device comes in 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in 2019.

It has Apple’s all new camera system, an ultra-wide angle camera that lets you zoom in and out way more on your videos and it allows more light for indoors shooting. That is, a camera with night mode. The selfie camera has been upgraded to 12 mega pixels and slofies where you record videos with slow motion.

It has a better battery life and water resistant. With 50% more energy, A13 bionic chip.

Improved sound and audio, more clear and dynamic, faster download.

50% knock-off of price compare to previous iPhones.

Price Range :450,00.00

iPhone 12

Launched in 2020 with a brand new design for all of the iPhone 12 models, very similar to iPhone 4 design. Glassy flat edges around the side.

The screen is shorter around the side making it flatter.

The device comes in brand new colours.

5G network just got real with a speeding internet for peak download speed.

Multiple different camera scenes on the screen while watching a video and you can pick the different viewing angles to watch or all the angles at the same time.

Smart data mode, 5G LTE.

New screen on all of the four models of the iPhone with an LED display.

Two times more pixels than iPhone 11, a peak brightness of 2100 NITS, in sunny conditions, you will get a clear screen.

It has a ceramic shield screen to protect the main screen. The screen is also stronger and tougher than iPhone 11 screen with four times better drop performance.

It has the ability to magnet itself to a new universal wireless charger. The cases can also magnetise the back of the phone with the mag safe connectivity.

A 12MP ultra-wide camera, 5-element lens, 13mm focal length and 120 field of view for better low light performance on photos and videos.

Price range :650,00.0

iPhone 13

This is the latest iPhone for the year, 2021. It has a more grapy texturized back. It uses titanium with a low gloss matte finish.

It has an always on display feature with lesser customization.

The current design appears like a toned down lock-screen. Clock and battery charge is always visible.

Notifications seemed to be displayed using a bar and icons. The screen does not entirely light up on a notification pop in, it displays in a darker view temporarily.

In the camera, longer exposure will be available for a better processing.

The ultra-wide camera received a royal treatment of improved camera censor and lens.

Another big feature is portrait videos. A video can be recorded in portrait mode and the depth of field can be changed in post which is really a huge processing power.

Improved aperture to 2.2 and a magnetic air-tag for tracking.

It is yet to be unveiled.

iPhones alongside its unique features have become very needy in the eyes of many in Nigeria and the world that in 2017, a Jumia delivery man was killed by his customers over iPhones. A delivery man with an online marketing store, Jumia, Mr. Chukwuma Eleje, has been killed in a house on Ada George Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The victim was said to be delivering two iPhones to some customers, who had ordered for them through the Internet on Saturday, when he was attacked and killed. The assailants were reported to have dumped his remains in a septic tank in a desperate attempt to cover up the crime but were reported by residents.

Also, in this year, 2021, a young girl was being flogged treachously in a viral video on social media by her boyfriend and his friends with belts for cheating on him after he had bought her an iPhone worth 500 thousand naira which is probably, the iPhone 11.

However, on the rumoured release of iPhone 13, some Nigerians just pursed and demand to be paused a bit on these technology moves. They are becoming overwhelmed and have commented under Forbes Massive iPhone 13 upgrade post,

“you buy an iPhone 12 and while you’re charging it, they release an iPhone 13,” with a crying emoji.

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