what I know concerning Osinachi situation- Pastor Paul Enenche

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14 April 2022 9:36 AM GMT
what I know concerning Osinachi situation- Pastor Paul Enenche
Over two and half Months to Three Months ago, she came to see me with her husband with complains of chest pain, respiratory distress.

Pastor Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centresays the church has zero tolerance for domestic violence.

Enenche made this know on Wednesday night in reaction to the death of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Osinachi until her death was a member of the church with her family.

"If you ever listen to any of our relationship messages, there is a principle, policy and a rule we have and that is; it is better to be alive without a marriage than to die because of marriage.

"We are in a season that calls for sober reflection in the light of the passing of our beloved sister, Osinachi Nwanchukwu who is a kingdom and generation asset to this generation.

"In the light of so much misinformation and misconstruction of events, I decided to set straight what I know concerning the situation," he said.

"Over two and half Months to Three Months ago, she came to see me with her husband with complains of chest pain, respiratory distress.

"I prayed for her and prayed and prayed again. And when the symptoms did not abate, I counseled that they go to the hospital to help us to know exactly what we were dealing with," he said.

Enenche said he called the consultant pediatrician with the Federal Medical Centre, Keffi to assist handle her situation.

He also said that he called the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, where ordered some investigations after examinations and that included CT Scan (Computed Tomography Scan).

The pastor said that the doctor saw her said there was need for further investigations either at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital or the National Hospital in Abuja.

"After they have examined her there and saw the situation, they felt there was a need for histology and biopsy of the Lung Tissue and they asked she goes to the National Hospital to get that done.

"I again called the head of pathology and consultant, histopathologist of the National Hospital in Abuja and reported the issue to him and to help us go ahead with the investigation and find out what exactly happened.

"The picture was much milder than what the CT Scan earlier on showed and so we felt very happy that atleast, there was relief.

"She called me literally daily and prayed with her. She reported progress. A point came where she needed no oxygen anymore according to what she said to me one night.

"Now, if there was domestic violence that lead to or coincided with those symptoms that she came with two and half month to three months ago, there is no way I would.

"People have questions on why should a wife abuser be a member of the Church or how can somebody be so brutal and he is a member of the Church?

Enenche said that was not a question that people who know Scriptures should ask.

"You know the Ark of Noah, the same Ark that carried good animals also had evil beast inside the same Ark.

"Jesus Christ had a followership of what the Bible called the multitudes, the multitudes means multiple attitudes; people with multiple inclinations; people with multiple tendencies; people with multiple behaviours.

"One of those that followed Jesus Christ was a thief who also sold him to death; he was called Judas Iscariot.

The question, he said, is how could somebody followed Jesus Christ as perfect as Jesus was; as instructive as he was; as impactful as he was and still be a thief and a murderer?

Enenche added that there was also a personality called lucifer who was in Heaven and became satan the devil under the nose of God in Heaven; a place where there was no sin and could have been no sin at all.

The pastor said Lucifer became the inventor and the originator of sin. How is it possible for somebody to become a devil from being an Archangel right inside Heaven?

He explained that that was how possible it was for anybody to be anything while inside the Church.

"Even the best of pastors, teachers, preachers in the world cannot change any man or woman who is unwilling to be changed.

"The church is willing to help any victim of bitterness, frustration and in life," he said.

He assured Christians that they are loved and Jesus loves them.

He prayed for the family of the deceased.

"We pray for strength and help and for the Body of Christ generally, it is well with you in Jesus' Name".

He expressed sadness that all these stories and these are all the things we got to know after she had passed.

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