Transformative gender justice crucial in tackling Nigeria's problem, says Group

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11 April 2022 4:35 PM GMT
Transformative gender justice crucial in tackling Nigerias problem, says Group
He said, “Action to tackle the direct and structural causes of poverty hinges on people’s ability and commitment to speak out against injustice.

The Christian Aid International Nigeria, on Monday described transformative gender justice approach as crucial in tackling poverty, inequities and other challenges in the country.

Country Director, Christian Aid International Nigeria, Mr Temitope Fashola, said this at a news conference ahead of the launch of the Christian Aid Poverty Report: Reimagining Paths to Human Flourishing," in Abuja .

According to Fashola, poverty is an injustice that strips people of their dignity, voice and the very essence of what makes a person human.

He said the effects of deep-rooted poverty were not only experienced by the poor; but also felt by the rest of the society.

"With the rising cases of insecurity which is fuelled by the structural and power imbalances that have kept some in a cycle of poverty, and leads to an increasing widened gap between the rich and the poor.

He said, "Action to tackle the direct and structural causes of poverty hinges on people's ability and commitment to speak out against injustice.

"As an organisation that exists primarily to end poverty, we work with individuals and groups to empower, harness and build movements for change .

"This is change that will enable people, especially the most vulnerable to speak out and challenge systems and structures that perpetuate poverty and injustice."

Fashola said the organisation recognised that within the society, certain actors, particularly faith and traditional leaders could play positive roles in promoting justice and distorting the status-quo.

He said the group would work with other partners to promote gender justices seeking to be gender transformative in approaches.

He said this was because gender injustice remains one of the main ways in which individuals and groups become vulnerable and voiceless.

"We seek to build fairer and just world for all, and tackle the imbalances of power that exist amongst various dimensions of gender, especially women and girls and strengthen various dimensions of gender justice.

"Christian Aid Nigeria's Country Programme is organising a one-day Gender Justice Conference on April 12 that will bring relevant stakeholders from all walks of life to dialogue about transformative gender justice," he said.

Ms Mercy Onyema, Programme Officer, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Christian Aid, expressed worry over the spate of gender-based violence; adding that the group was working to curb it.

Onyema said that was the reason for Christian Aid's gender transformative approach to tackle gender injustice.

"When we talk about transformation, we want to change the whole system that gives people the right to inflict harm and to cause violence towards women and girls, by addressing gender norms.

"It is because of the cultural norms in the society women being maltreated remain in the home.

"It is also because of those norms that if incidences of violence or rape happen, the women are always blamed without questioning the perpetuators," he said.

She said the group was also working to ensure that women are able to speak up and be heard rather than die in silence.

She added that the approach also sought to promote social and political position of women to have more women in authority taking action for other women.

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