Maulud Nabiy: Orji Kalu sues for peace

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8 Oct 2022 1:43 PM GMT
Maulud Nabiy: Orji Kalu sues for peace

The Chief Whip of the Senate, Sen. Orji Kalu has urged the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria to use the special season of Maulud Nabiy to offer prayers for the country.

Kalu, in a goodwill message, congratulated the Muslim Ummah on the celebration of Maulad Nabiy, in commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

He urged Nigerians to live in peace and harmony in spite of cultural, religious and political differences.

The former Governor of Abia emphasised that he would continue to build relationships with people of various religious faiths as a statesman and highly detrabilised Nigerian.

According to him, "the heterogenous nature of Nigeria should be explored for growth and development as against a tool for disharmony."

Kalu urged that religious tolerance must be exhibited at all levels in the society, adding that religious leaders have major roles to play in promoting peace and unity across the country.

He appealed to politicians not to use religious sentiments to heat the polity, adding that politics should not be seen as do-or-die affair.

Kalu said: "I join our Muslim brothers and sisters in celebrating Maulud Nabiy in commemoration of the anniversary of the noble birth of Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

"It is imperative to imbibe the exemplary qualities of Prophet Muhammed in our daily lives for us to build an ideal and decent society.

"Nigerians should embrace love, patriotism, selflessness, alms giving and togetherness in their daily endeavours.

"Actions that are capable of polarising should be discouraged.

"Let us uphold the teachings of the Glorious Qu'ran and good deeds of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in our daily pursuits."

According to Kalu, as the 2023 General Elections approach, the electorate should be wary of politicians who will use religious sentiments as tools for campaign of calumny.

"I urge the political class to put national interest above selfish ambitions," Kalu said.

He wished the Muslim ummah hitch-free Maulud Nabiy celebrations.

Supreme reports that Muslims across the globe, including those in Nigeria commemorate the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi'al-Awwal.

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