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13 Jan 2022 11:41 AM GMT
Sibling rivalry though may start from tender stage but children have tendency to love and forgive easily. Parent can instil love, kindness and other virtues

Should we not love our siblings?

As a child, our close friends are our siblings

Sibling looked out for one another when they were young

They longed to see one another

The older ones watch over the younger

They guide themselves from outsiders

Oh God! What is wrong, why the hatred and envy

Should parents be blamed?

Some parents initiate the hatred

Some parents directly or otherwise instigate it

Out of desperation, frustration and manipulation

Maybe out of ignorance

They judge conflicts emotionally instead of logically

They show preference, rich younger ones place above the older

Should you blame outsiders?

When sibling love cord loosen

Loyalty to one another reduced, sometimes become zero

Outsider comes in between them

Sow seed of discord among them

Intruder deceives to earn favour and monetary gains

Beware! They could be trusted fellow, false Spiritual person, relatives

Parenting can be intentional

Teaching their children right values and virtues

Children that learn loyalty stick together

Outsider loses power to exploit them

Loyalty like wall, protect sibling ties and oneness

No crack in their wall, No intruding of outsider

No hatred, No generational strife

© Ruth Olajoke Olubode

Supreme Desk

Supreme Desk

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