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True life confession: My ambition to marry two men

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18 Oct 2021 2:16 PM GMT
True life confession: My ambition to marry two men
"If three women can marry one man, then two men can marry one woman."

Jasmine was a high-flier in one of the best universities in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She was always perplexed. She had identity crisis – for she's neither black nor white. Her mum Mellisa was white (from the UK actually). And her dad a Nigerian. This was an opulent and erudite family. In her student days she went on holidays every year. She told how she saw a Massai woman beat every rule in the marital game to marry three men in Kenya. She thought she could do that when she graduate as a lawyer. "If three women can marry one man, then two men can marry one woman." The problem here is that many African societies frown upon a woman having multiple husbands. "A man marries one wife and keeps a multitude of mistresses – what do you call that?" she asked angrily. Jasmine wondered that at 44, Swaziland's king, Mswati III has 14 wives and over 23 children, while President Jacob Zuma have three wives and over 18 children. It is these controversial issues that made Jasmine have a late marriage. She travelled far and wide: from Tanzanian's romantic hideaways at the enchanting Katavi and Lupita National Parks in Tanzania, exclusive Labadi beach in Ghana, refreshing South of France, serene atmosphere in Cambodia to fantastic Durban, South Africa.

It appears Jasmine is nymphomaniac due to the vast array of lovers she's had for several tumultuous years. After Youth Service she entered the Nigerian marital market. A lot of men pursued her: some for her vast wealth, others for her beauty. Few loved her for her brains! She never really dated any man. She had a gigolo on her pay role. He kept her sexually satisfied. Nobody knew his identity. She dubbed him "The Rock!" She believed infidelity is a game for modern generation men and women. She had this at the back of her mind as she said yes to marriage proposal from Hendrix, the London – trained medical practitioner who was born in New Town Connecticut, USA. Though both parents were averse to the wedding it took place nonetheless. All set for the big day.

It was to take place in New York. "Listen" she told Rocky, "we'll continue in this sex romp even after the wedding. The Rock nodded. Night before the wedding she was in a hotel suite as the Bachelor's Eve party held sway. Morning of the wedding she had a quickie with Rocky. Invited guests were already seated but Jasmine was nowhere to be found. Her phones were shut. She called her husband-to-be. "I want to make a confession… I had sex with a gigolo this morning!" "Is that all?" Hendrix asked. "Well for your information I also had sex with a call girl." "What! Did you use a condom?" "Yes" Hendrix answered. "Now that we've both confessed the wedding can go no." But unknown to them some prayer warriors went to work.

As the pastor preached, the Holy Spirit moved and convicted Jasmine and Hendrix. They fell under heavy anointing. The pastor invited those who want to give their lives to Christ. And the couple lifted their hands. They received Christ – to the amazement of the guests – and had a wonderful wedding. As they got back from the reception they kissed and had a wonderful lovemaking session. It was an incredible story that started in darkeners but ended in light! The first call that came in was from Rocky. "Oh get lost!" Jasmine screamed. "Who was that love?" Hendrix enquired. "Oh please nobody you know!"

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By Abraham Oti

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