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How I duped 5 lovers over fake pregnancies

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18 Oct 2021 2:36 PM GMT
How I duped 5 lovers over fake pregnancies
...“please forget his being handsome – I’m only interested in the money, plenty of money. Don’t be a fool. Go for the cash.”

Tracy is a bona fide Lagos girl. She's done with school and lives with divorced mum, Tasha. She's a Lagos socialite. Tasha had Tracy at the tender age of 17. Being very clever, at 17 she was done with secondary school education. She sat for exams preparatory to a future university education. But, sadly, she got pregnant for a hit-and-run sexual assailant. He rejected the pregnancy and packed out from his normal residence. She was let in the cold! Tasha's dad rebuked her: "Where's the man who got you pregnant? Where is he?" "I don't know" stammered a frightful Tasha. "Well since you don't know lose my house number and telephone number, for I this day disown you!" And Tasha sobbed.

For three years she weaned the baby in a village in Abeokuta, Ogun State. After her university education she vowed to be a nightmare to men. She trained Tracy to be a very corrupt lady. She once told her, "See men are the same – useless! Don't let them fool you. Don't let them use you, okay?" "Motigbo" (I've heard in Yoruba language). Soon, one mugu (fool) played into Tracy's love nest. Tracy told her mum all about Tam her new lover. "He's very handsome and rich." Tasha told Tracy, "please forget his being handsome – I'm only interested in the money, plenty of money. Don't be a fool. Go for the cash."

Tam Ibanabo bought Tracy a "tear-rubber" Mercedes Benz jeep. "That is very good, my girl. Move quickly to PLAN B. Tell him you are pregnant. Let him know if he doesn't want marriage he should give financial settlement for you and your unborn baby, do you understand?" "Yes I do mum," Tracy responded. And the drama unfolded. In a few months the stomach bulged. It looked real but it was not. Her stomach was padded. In lovemaking she had her dress on as Tam made love to her from derriere. He never discovered it was fake pregnancy.

"Darling let me go to the UK to have my baby. Put some millions in my account please." Tam agreed to put the sum of $200,000 in her account. That was the last time he set eyes on her. Tracy's apartment and her mum's were empty. Their four cars sold. The security men replaced. "Security where's the occupant of this house?" "No occupant here sir." Tam was shocked. Tasha and Tracy had disappeared. "So they lied to me. This pregnancy was a hoax! My God!"

Enter mumu (fool) two.

Of the truth Tasha and Tracy travelled overseas. Not to London but to Houston, Texas. Before they left Nigeria they went to Abeokuta for Indian potent charm. They spent as much as five million naira for charms called "Do as I say" or "Total command!" They found an engineer working for an oil company. "Greg, can you take me out tonight?" Tracy asked. "Yes we can paint the town red, can't we?" "Make that 10pm okay?"

By midnight they were already at a bubbling night club. They danced to hip hop and Caribbean music. They drank the best of wines. They left the club to a hotel. "Why are we not going to your house?" Tracy asked. "We stay in the hotel for the next one week," Greg explained. What Tracy didn't know was that her mum was the woman in his mansion. How did she do that? We'll know in a minute. She saw Greg's card and got in touch with his office. One day Greg opened up to her: "Actually I have a Nigerian girlfriend who comes to my house. Her name is Natasha – Tasha for short!" "What did you say Greg?" She was stupefied. She left Greg and went straight home, "Mum why are dating my man?" "No" Tasha corrected, "She's every woman's man. Look don't spoil the fun. Greg is too loaded. We must milk him dry. Enter PLAN B."

Greg wanted to marry a Nigerian or Zimbabwean girl. So he was pleased when Tracy announced, "I'm pregnant for you!" "That's really sweet." Tasha disappeared from the mansion and Tracy moved in. After two months Tracy told Greg she wanted to go to Nigeria returning after six months. "Look I'll go with you. I'm on vacation for three months." "How much can you put in my account right now? I need ten million dollars" "You can have it. I'm worth over $200m. She thought to herself "two hundred million dollars – this is a very big fish." Greg got ready for the trip. He transferred the money into Tracy's account. They got to Nigeria and bought a house for a N100,000,000. Tasha disappeared. That leaves Tracy, Greg and his female secretary.

Tracy was able to steal Greg's money. She stole his money and killed him. She varnished. Nita, Greg's secretary, was arrested and sent back to America for trial according to agreement with the American Embassy. Tasha and Tracy changed their identity and high – tailed it to China Town, India. They became Hindus. They hid under the protection of Hindu and Buddhist scholars. It is here they dealt with mugu three, four and five through facebook. But their information was twitted on the internet. And the FBI was on their trail. They were arrested and charged for murder. A pastor came to them, saying, "would you want to give your life to Christ before execution?" They both said "yes". They got born again before they were executed through electric shock! And Nita was set free.

By Abraham Oti

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