Prince Fubara Walter Pollyn lives on: A tribute from Son to Dad

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18 Oct 2021 10:57 AM GMT
Prince Fubara Walter Pollyn lives on: A tribute from Son to Dad

Daddy...I am not sure how to write this, but I must. Daddy it's sad to write this but your sudden death has saddled me to this which I would have done as an adult man with my own family.....You were proud to have me as a son and always there to keep me safe whenever I needed it. You always made me laugh, ready to say I am sorry, don't worry my son, I will make it up to you.You called me your best friend and I was proud of being your son.

You being my Dad was something that always made me happy you always put a smile on people's faces wherever you went..

You were a highly honoured man and no matter how hard the devil and his servants tried to bring you down, as my incredible father you showed them that nothing could stop you from accomplishing any goal you wanted. But due to my ignorance I never really saw all the problems you faced. And when the time for you to prove to me and mummy that you were a good man as you promised us in January 2020, the greedy hands of wickedness and evil took you away from us.

I know that my God in heaven will not allow your death to make us forget you.

You made me the strong man I am today and I'm happy to be your one and only child even though I would have wanted siblings.

Thank you for watching over me even up till now, I know you are still watching over me and I, Tamunotonye Jethro Buduchika Walter Fubara Pollyn promise to be a great man and make you proud. Please continue watching over me and my mum Dad.

I will always love you my best friend

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