Supreme Special: Are government schools better than private schools in Nigeria?

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15 Feb 2022 10:17 AM GMT
Supreme Special: Are government schools better than private schools in Nigeria?
If given the opportunity no Nigerian child will be in any public institution ( Primary , Secondary even Tertiary).

It is very difficult to give a conclusive answer with an absolute "Yes" or "No." It depends on what parents want for their child, what and whether they're willing to pay to get it, and what the child is capable of. While curriculum is often considered to be more rigorous in private schools, private schools are not a guaranteed access to a better college or universities.

If given the opportunity no Nigerian child will be in any public institution ( Primary , Secondary even Tertiary). They forget to understand that these private institutions vary in service delivery, especially in the Primary and Secondary levels. Choosing between a private and public school goes beyond just affordability. Choosing the right school for your child is a process where there's no such thing as too much information. A good place to start would be to eliminate all preconceived notions about private and public schools and knowing that's it's more about the best fit for a child as opposed to "the best school in town."

It is estimated that currently over 10,000 private schools operate in Lagos State alone. A 50% increase since 2011.They operate in different forms, a few of them pitch their tent with the Crème – de – la Crème of the society, some cater for the middle class, while so many of them provide educational services for the poor. Which is why on every street in Lagos you find over ten school,doing what? Extorting parents in the name of providing better education. A number of these operators of these schools are employees of the Government ( Either Local ,State or Federal Government). I don't agree with the general opinion that private schools are better in Nigeria neither did I say the public schools are , and I will state my reasons shortly.


The Family/ Home Enviroment

The family is what makes the difference, a lot of people might not agree with this , but it is the truth. ( Economic and social status, level of education, Educational resources, Environment, Motivation). Family education and socioeconomic status have an impact on students' academic achievements at any level of education. Students with families who were both college-educated tend to achieve at the highest levels. Children whose families are of high educational scales have a statistically far better chance of participating in Tertiary Education (Oloo, 2013).

The economic status of parents, their education and reading habits are linked to each other. Moreover, parental education and reading habits have a significant influence on their kid's motivation towards learning. A study of American schoolchildren postulates that only 36% of parents from the lowest-income quintile read books daily, while the comparable figure from the highest-income quintile is 62% parents who read books every day (Cooley, 2017). Parents with higher socioeconomic status are in a better position to improve the academic activities of their children as compared to parents with low socioeconomic status(Cowen, 2019).

The home environment plays another very significant role in a child's educational achievement. When we say a home we are not just referring to the building, the location and the type of people residing in the home also counts in the educational development of any child. The lower class family that is not too educated does not have the means and experience to stimulate their children to learn. They hardly care to know what happens in school but care more about the report card at the end of the term or year as the case may be. This situation is different from the upper class families who provide their children with the needed educational materials and encouragement for learning. Let us not also forget that a healthy parent –child's relationship has a significant effect on the child's academic performance (Agimon 2015)

In conclusion It is widely recognized that if learners are to maximize their potential from schooling, they will need the full support of their families. family influence plays a very important role in the academic life of any child. Learning is effective when it involves the child ,teachers and a conscious partnership of the parents. A stable home enhances healthy emotional well – being of a child which is necessary for the child to learn effectively. The family is what determines the academic height of any child and not the school.

Krystal IBHADE Tamunosiki

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