Facebook to sponsor international teachers' conference

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7 March 2022 10:45 PM GMT
Facebook to sponsor international teachers conference
It is happening for the first time to recognise honour and equip teachers and school leaders with the intellectual tools they need to push their students into amazing endeavours.

More than I00,000,000 education stakeholders across the world are to participate at an international teachers' conference to be organised in Ikeja in April by a Facebook community.

The community, Nigerian Teachers Community (NTC), led by Dr Peter Ogudoro, an educationist and career management expert, made the disclosure in a statement on Monday in Lagos.

It said that 700 of the participants would be expected at the physical venue of the conference while the rest would attend virtually.

It said that the conference was aimed at equipping teachers and other school leaders with intellectual tools.

The NTC, which won the Facebook Community Accelerator Award for Year 2021, said that the event would take place in Ikeja on April 11 and April 12.

The event is being sponsored by Facebook in support of development of a vibrant and engaging community of teachers, according to NTC.

"It is happening for the first time to recognise honour and equip teachers and school leaders with the intellectual tools they need to push their students into amazing endeavours.

"Seven hundred school leaders and teachers will have the amazing experience in a very stimulating physical space in Lagos, Nigeria, while over 100 million education stakeholders will join the event via virtual platforms,'' it said.

NTC said that speakers at the conference would include presidents of Ivy League universities in the U.S., teacher trainers from around the world, medical doctors, brand builders, students, parents and school owners.

It said that parliamentarians, education policymakers and agencies including West African Examinations Council, Universal Basic Education Commission and National Universities Commission, as well as education technology vendors, would be represented at the event.

"At this conference, you will hear from education policy formulators regarding the opportunities they are bringing and the new demands you must prepare for, to remain globally competitive.

"You will meet teacher trainers from around the world and learn the most effective teaching techniques, and you will learn school leadership from education and management researchers from around the world.

"You will learn how to guarantee hundred per cent admission rate for your students aspiring to study in top higher educational institutions in the world.

"Furthermore, you will get into an international network of educators changing the world for the better, and you will learn how to earn the income you deserve as a teacher or school owner and live in comfort while enjoying the role you play in the education industry,'' it added.

The NTC said that participants would use the opportunity to attract needed resources from around the world to their schools, and meet brand experts who would help to promote their schools to significance.

"University admission officers, school counsellors, parents, student leaders and anyone interested in connecting with major stakeholders in the education industry are also invited,'' the NTC said.

Supreme reports that NTC currently has more than 300, 000 members from around the world.

Its founder and leader, Ogudoro, is working toward uniting the about 85 million teachers in the world for mutually beneficial collaborations that will make learning exciting for about 1.6 billion children and young people in the world's school system.

Supreme Desk

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